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Power-Building for Strength and Mass

Bill Pearl was a bodybuilder back during the 50ís Ė through the early 70ís. The man was built like a tank and ripped. Not only did he look strong, he was strong!

Billís training program was a heavy volume workout with lots of exercises, lots of sets and a wide variety of rep ranges. You would find barbells, dumbbells, machines, cables, bodyweight and more in his programs.

Bill NEVER trained to failure, he was smart, and always left a rep or two in the tank and left the gym feeling like he had a great workout, but not a workout that left him spent all day.


Check out some of Billís bodybuilding exercises below to develop the shoulders, biceps and triceps.

Bodybuilding is great, but, if you want to incorporate Power-Building, where you mix movements like those you see above with some strongman type work you will no doubt develop a physique that is ALL Show and ALL Go!

Try The Underground Strength System with some of your bodybuilding/ / gym workouts and you will develop a rock hard physique like no other.

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