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“And How You Can Quickly Start Achieving The Success You Deserve While Acquiring The Type of "REAL World Strength" AND Functional Muscle Mass You MUST Have In Order to Dominate Your Competition.... In As Little As 2 Weeks.... Guaranteed.... Or Your Money Back....”

Dear Friend,

What I’m about to reveal to you will change the way you train yourself and others, forever, I kid you not. The results are so insane that it is scary at times.

This is not some hyped up program that doesn’t deliver results like so much of the insane information on the web today. This is SERIOUS stuff and requires hard work.

If you are looking for a short cut or easy workouts then this program will NOT be for you. I just want to be completely honest and up front with you before we move forward.

I’ve personally witnessed the results of this system time and again, year after year on countless individuals ranging from teenagers to guys in their 50’s.

The Underground Strength Training System gives you a proven roadmap guaranteed to develop Brute strength & dense, ripped muscles at break-neck speed.

The information packed inside my Underground Strength System is what we use with our athletes and strength fanatics and it has been proven, in the trenches, time after time, year after year. It has never failed.

Coaches fly in from around the world to learn these methods so they can take them back home to use for their own gym, their athletic team and often times for themselves.

And So the Underground Begins….

The old timers did it and they developed strength and physiques unheard of in today’s world of sissy workouts, chrome machines and other scientific hog wash workouts.

It all started in my Dad’s over crowded garage and large backyard. The garage ceilings were so low that the Basketball player I trained would duck down slightly at the top of every deadlift! We had nothing fancy, and back then we may have felt this was a downfall, but we quickly discovered this was a gift.

I had been in the trenches for 13 years already, but being my own guinea pig proved that what I was doing was not the way to go. I was following the advice in the training magazines found on newsstands everywhere and the misinformation was killing me.

I knew there had to be a better way to get the ass kickin’ results that produced a rugged body which performed like a high performance machine.

Here’s my confession…..

After 15 years of being misinformed, I realized I was brainwashed like most other people.

I followed the crappy training routines and methods in the magazines that had been fabricated and never proven in the trenches. I was determined to find the right way and nothing was going to stop me, NOTHING!

The So Called “Rules” You’ve Been Brainwashed to Follow Have Limited Your Potential in Gaining Serious Strength

The crazy thing is that I discovered these ‘Underground’ methods by accident. I had no money to purchase the fancy equipment that I thought I had to have to train others effectively. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to get the “job” done!

I had a small corner of my Dad’s garage to train my athletes using my 300 lb Costco barbell set and a pair of 50 and 100 lb dumbbells. The problem was that my athletes were too weak to use the 50 lb dumbbells let alone the 100 lb dumbbells! Rest assured this “weakness” didn’t last too long!

For a moment I thought we were screwed because we had no fancy equipment!

You’re About to Discover Just How Insanely Effective ‘Underground’ Training Is

We decided to head out into my Dad’s backyard and start using anything that was out there! Mother Nature became our best friend and you’re about to learn how Mother Nature can help you develop the strength, power and conditioning that the majority of people do not have.

I want you to imagine just how friggin’ amazing it is going to be once you get your hands on this ‘Underground’ information….

There were tons of stones lying around so we used them

There were low branches that were strong enough for pull ups so we used them

There was a heavy sledge hammer and large tree stumps so we used them

We used our own bodyweight with partner and individual drills that challenged one another big time and developed raw strength that I had never witnessed before!

The mental toughness I've started building through your program is unbelievable...”

Dear Zach,

My name is Blair Sneed and I'm from Memphis, Tennessee. First off, I would just like to say that you have been a huge inspiration on me in my pursuit of a career in the fitness/ training field. I have always been athletic and have always tried to stay "fit", but once I found your blog, I totally bought into your philosophy and realized that I wasn't doing anything but building those pretty "sugar muscles".

I purchased your underground training kit deluxe, specifically for all the audio recordings that came with it. Honest to God, It has totally transformed the way I, not only think about fitness and muscle growth, but how I design programs for myself and others. Within just a couple of weeks of throwing some strongman and olympic style lifting into my weekly programs, I am already throwing up some weight I didn't think I was capable of reaching, yet.

The mental motivation I get from you, though, paired with the mental toughness I've started building through your program is unbelievable. As a person who has been through the shit in my life and got to a low point that I didn't think I would recover from, your programs, blogs, and motivational e-mails were just what I needed to get me off of my ass, start working, and pull myself out of "little bitch mode".

Thanks for your time and everything you do, man. You touch peoples lives when you stay true and keep it hardcore. Thanks,

Blair Sneed

“The amount of muscle, strength and speed I have gained has been shocking to many people that know me.”

Training with Zach has been the BIG Difference Maker in my Football performance. The amount of muscle, strength and speed I have gained has been shocking to many people that know me.

If you’re an athlete who wants to dominate or maybe you just want to pack on lean muscle and strength than following Zach’s program will get you there Fast!

It’s worked for me and I’ve seen it work for everyone that walks through the doors of Zach’s gym.

Brian “Curls” Pascal / NJ
College Football Player
Winner, World’s Strongest Athlete Competition
Winner, Lift STRONG Strongman Contest

“Training with Zach helped me gain 20 lbs of solid muscle over the course of my summer.”

Training with Zach helped me gain 20 lbs of solid muscle over the course of my summer.

My gains in strength and power have skyrocketed thanks to using Zach’s “Underground” training methods.

With out a doubt this is the style of training all athletes should be using if they want to dominate their competition!

Dan W. / NJ (last name withheld due to NCAA regulations)

3 x Prep National Champion
Beast of The East Champion
Division I Wrestler

“I have NEVER been this strong in my life!”

About 6 or 7 months ago I started to train steadily with Zach in an effort to improve my overall athleticism. Before this time I was training like a bodybuilder and I looked strong, but I honestly did not feel it was giving me the return in exchange for all the time and effort I spent in the gym.

When Zach trained me, we started attacking the body in short periods of time, 45 minutes max. This style of training has totally changed my whole outlook on strength training! My joints no longer ache throughout the day, and I have increased my strength, speed and power big time. I have NEVER been this strong in my life!

I just graduated the police academy and the entire time I was in the academy I was training under Zach's guidance. I sometimes would only be able to work out once a week due to my hectic schedule, but he gave me a program to follow in my garage and backyard, he called it farm boy training.

I did these workouts in my back yard. They were short but brutally effective, helping me out perform all the other recruits, ultimately winning the PT honors award, breaking some very long standing PT records at the academy!

I wish I used this style of training when I wrestled in high school and college & I highly reccomend Zach's training for anyone who is serious about getting serious results!

Griffin Banos / NJ
Former Plymouth State Wrestler & High School Wrestling Coach
NJ Law Enforcement

Uncle uses Underground Strength Kit to transform his Wrestling Nephew & Gains 22 lbs of Muscle in One Summer!

Hey Zach!

I've been training my nephew Eric using your Underground methods and it's paying off big time. He's been wrestling all summer and training with me at least twice a week. He started this summer at 103lbs and now weighs 125lbs after practice---- and its all muscle!

I've been looking for a training program like your Underground Training Manual.

I've been lifting free weights and machines at home and Gyms for over 20 years now. I've worked on farms bailing hay and for my Dad, a plumber, digging ditches and snaking sewer lines (excellent forearm workout).

I feel that Underground is the way to go. I only wish I had this Manual back in the early 80's when I wrestled. But I'm glad I have it now because I am strength training my nephew for wrestling.

He's started as a freshman this year at 103lbs and did ok (30-10). He placed 3rd at districts making it to the PA Northeast regional tournament where he got beat up a little. He's been wrestling since he was 5 yrs old but has not really strength trained yet. I believe that with your training methods he will win the close matches and make it to the PA State tournament in Hershey this year!

Just had to tell you that your Underground Strength Kit is AWESOME!

Thanks again Zach!

Dan Powell / Pa.

“Will take your personal training or anyone else you train to the next level….”


Here is what I have to say about your methods and products.

Can you say - Kick Ass Training Manual??
That’s what this is and I m giving my 100% honest, unsolicited evaluation about The Ultimate Underground Training Manual!

This manual is nothing short of phenomenal. The method of NO RULES training can and will take your personal training or anyone else you train to the next level. This manual is loaded with photos of numerous training exercises, tons of training regimens. They are endless and you should never have to do the same workout twice with all the variations you give, unless you choose to do so.

And, there is extensive information on the different types of training methods for strength, speed, conditioning, muscle growth, etc. This manual is for anyone wanting to take their training up one notch or many more.

In regards to NO RULES, Old School, Underground training, Zach Even-Esh is the man. Now, Zach is much more humble than that, but, he is no-nonsense and fluff free. He doesn’t pull any punches which is the way it should be.

But the one thing about this manual that I truly love is it challenges you to learn and be able to create and accomplish your own training regimens to fit your individual needs!

You can and should follow the workouts in the manual until you get into the groove and feel comfortable developing what you personally desire out of your training.

Whatever you call it: Physical Culture, Old School or Underground Training, it does work and it works big time. The Ultimate Underground Training Manual is a must have for all strength fanatics, athletes and coaches and is a great addition to your existing library.

So why am I telling you all of this?
Simple, - because this manual is that good!
Because it does and will bring about results!
Because you can’t afford to pass up getting this manual to have as your own!
Because you need The Ultimate Underground Training Manual!

James De Lara / Albuquerque, New Mexico



Your Possibilities Will Be Endless

I am going to show you the exact training methods from my very first days in my Dad’s backyard and garage to my current days of training ‘Underground’ which has been proven in the trenches to deliver serious results!

Do you want to start developing strength, power and conditioning faster than ever before? If you answered “Yes”, then just wait until you discover the infinite possibilities of ‘Underground’ training. You are going to LOVE the training AND the RESULTS!

Imagine, at your fingertips, 24 – 7, having access to My Powerful Blue Print of ‘Underground’ Srength Training

At your disposal, you’ll have three manuals loaded to the brim with secrets of the ‘Underground’ and step by step instructions on how to start using these closely guarded secrets immediately for instant results!

In addition to our backyard workouts, we started riding our bikes to this old, beat up playground. There were always a bunch of low life’s hanging around this park, smoking cigarettes, drinking beer and cursing the entire time. We didn’t care though. We focused on the task at hand and didn’t allow their actions to disturb us. Eventually, we scared those losers away as our training grew to become more frightening to these onlookers!

They Laughed At Us When We Did Our Playground Workouts…

Below, Zach & his training partner tearing it up, Underground style at the playground!

Zach Trainer 1Zach Trainer 2
Zach Trainer 3Zach Trainer 4


I was starting to freak out…in a Good way!!

Only 3 weeks after we began training ‘Underground’ I went to a wrestling tournament to watch these two kids wrestle and it was scary as all heck! It was scary because they literally mauled their opponents that day! I seriously felt bad for their opponents, it was really that bad.

No One Laughed When These Athletes Effortlessly Thrashed Their Opponents That Summer

I couldn’t believe the massive progress they made with just three weeks of ‘Underground’ training! The next weekend I watched them dominate their opponents again! A few parents caught wind about what we were doing and they wanted to know how they can get their kids in our ‘Underground’ training group.

“It was the most fun I've had in a long time….”

Zach -

I just got a tractor tire and tow ropes rigged up at our corporate fitness center after reading your Underground Strength Kit. I tried it out with our Head Trainer on Wednesday night. Forward and reverse drags, presses, rows, hand-over-hand pulls -- it was awesome!

Both of us were grinning from ear to ear, in between gasps for air. It was the most fun I've had in a long time.

Don McCandless

Don McCandless
Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Restek Corporation

“I find these workouts the best preparation for my work….”

Zach –

I love the work outs in The Underground Strength Kit! I work as a Special Agent for the DoD and some of our functions have us supporting the USMC and other Coalition Forces world-wide. I find these workouts, and training like a wrestler/boxer in general, the best preparation for my work.

Running a solid city block in full gear (25lb vest, ammo, helmet, rifle, etc), climbing a flight or two of stairs, walking in a combat crouch and then entering an environment where I'm supposed to talk to a guy and get information is much, much easier if I'm not vomiting and catching my breath. In addition to the professional benefits, these workouts are just plain fun!

These workouts are also great, because they don't take a lot of time to complete, and that is a bonus for people with limited time. The military missions require a level of fitness, in my opinion, riding the line between strength and endurance. We need both, but focusing on one steals from the other. Your style allows for strength without taking too much time off a 5K-10K run time. Surely you empathize. Thanks for all your help and great job Zach!


Tom (last name withheld due to security reasons)
Special Agent for DoD

“If you're serious about making huge gains on your functional strength, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better program than The Underground Strength System.”

"Forget what you know about weight-lifting and strength training!
Most likely you've been body-building your whole life. And if your goal is to merely look good when you go to the beach and rub hot oil on your body when you flex in the mirror, then this program is not for you.

However, if you're serious about making huge gains on your functional strength, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better program than The Underground Strength System.

If you want to improve your performance in your chosen sport, especially combat sports, i.e. MMA, wrestling, BJJ, then this program is critical for your development.
There is a tremendous wealth of knowledge in all the manuals and the audio interrogations.

The manuals are thoroughly written and there are ample photographs to assist in the instruction. Zach Even - Esh discusses the use of various tools that at first may seem very unorthodox. Tires? Ropes? Hammers? Rocks? And the Kettlebell? However, he demonstrates how all of these can be successfully used as tools to make dramatic improvements in both your cardio and your strength level, simultaneously.

These workouts are intense, hard core, and very effective. Wimps need not apply. Accept the challenge and be prepared to work! You will love the results."

Harris Brumer

Harris Brumer
1997 graduate of U.S. Military Academy at West Point
4 x Varsity Letterwinner in wrestling
Purple Belt in BJJ
Officer in the U.S. Army for 6 years
Train at

I Had No Money, No Gym and Broke ALL the Rules, Yet The Results Were Friggin’ Amazing!

I knew right then and there it was time to ditch my gym membership and start perfecting these ‘Underground’ training methods. My days of traditional fitness had proven quite fruitless, and to be honest, I was getting bored of doing the same workouts for years on end.

It’s Time to Trash Your Money Wasting Gym Membership

By the time summer had ended there were more than 20 athletes training with me in backyards, beat up playgrounds and empty school yards. The ‘Underground’ movement had begun and there was no stopping us now.

Empty playgrounds became our Underground training zones. We utilized innovative bodyweight movements that challenged us infinitely more than the crap I used to do in the gym.

We transformed picnic tables into the REAL “Total Gym” and grabbed every stone in sight for various power and olympic lifts. Everyone at these parks would stop and stare in amazement as we did what seemed to be the impossible.

Just Imagine the Massive Advantages You Will Have Over Your Competition By Discovering This Proven Strength and Conditioning Formula

Regardless of the sport these athletes played, they ALL made lightning fast gains in strength, speed and conditioning after only three weeks! Their physiques changed rapidly. They developed rugged looking muscles that you just didn’t see anymore on athletes.

I was training grapplers, lacrosse players, football players, baseball players, basketball players and law enforcement personnel. Even the most unassuming athletes came my way such as swimmers, female field hockey players and martial artists of all types. It did not matter what endeavor or sport they were involved with, the results kept pouring in! All of these people kept skyrocketing past their previous physical best.

Training was always a blast! It was exhilarating and addictive to train ‘Underground’! I had to put people on a waiting list to train with me because there just wasn’t enough room for me to meet the demand!

I was training grapplers, lacrosse players, football players, baseball players, basketball players and law enforcement personnel. Even the most unassuming athletes came my way such as swimmers, female field hockey players and martial artists of all types. It did not matter what endeavor or sport they were involved with, the results kept pouring in! All of these people kept skyrocketing past their previous physical best.

Training was always a blast! It was exhilarating and addictive to train ‘Underground’! I had to put people on a waiting list to train with me because there just wasn’t enough room for me to meet the demand!

“In the past three weeks I have watched my body transform more than it ever did….”

“Being a lawyer has proven to not only be stressful, but incredibly time consuming. For a couple weeks I felt I had little to no energy or time to workout. Then, as is oft to happen, I remember a simple concept that I admonish myself for forgetting. In this case, quick, "Underground" workouts that I picked up from The Underground manuals.

I have been consistently following the intense workouts almost every day. I enjoy the freedom of Underground workouts, doing whatever I feel like at that moment, no set routine, no carved in stone sets, or reps. Just set the timer and go!

In those quick workouts I pack in various bodyweight drills, kettlebells exercises, sandbag drills and weighted backpack training in numerous and brutal combinations written out for me in the Underground manuals.

In the past three weeks I have watched my body transform more than it ever did when I stressed as to what program I should do, or in finding time to get in 3-4, one hour workouts a week. I end each workout feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world. My strength has increased, as has my endurance big time thanks to the information in The Underground Kit!

The more and more I immerse myself in the "Underground" methods the more I feel like an animal in a cage just waiting to spring forward and destroy everything in my path with cold, calculating efficiency!

Thanks for all the support, great advice and tips Zach!”

Stephen Jessup / Attorney
Sunny South Florida

Stephen Jessup

Wrestler transforms himself from losing record to state finalist in high school and top 5 nationally ranked collegiate wrestler…

Hey Zach,

Hope your weekend is going great! I just got back from the tournament today and it went awsome! I went 3-0 (winning the tournament) and in my first match I avenged a loss (3-2 last time I lost to him) to a kid from NY, and today I totally out muscled and out wrestled him!

The final score was 10-1! Then in the finals I totally dominated this kid winning 12-0!

Since training Underground I feel so strong when I wrestle now, I don’t even care who I wrestle, I just know the kid will have to step on the mat and go head to head with a beast!

Those kettlebell conditioning drills are helping tremendously! In the first match I still had strength and gas left in the tank in the third period! Enjoy the rest of the weekend and hopefully I'll see you at the gym for another kick ass session!

Jim B. / NJ (last name withheld due to NCAA regulations)

2007 NJ Wrestling State Runner Up
2008 D 3 Wrestling Conference Champion
Top Ranked Division 3 Wrestler


“Elevated my strength, speed and conditioning to a level I never thought was possible.”

Training with Zach has elevated my strength, speed and conditioning to a level I never thought was possible.

I used to train in fancy gyms on machines, but Zach changed my style of training. Now I flip 600lb tires, perform 550lb sled drags, and can do more pull-ups than any kid my size that I know of.

This style of training is what gives me the edge over my competition.

Zach has transformed me into a STRONGMAN rather than just an average high

Chris O. / NJ (last name withheld due to NCAA regulations)
2007 District, County and Region Champion
2007 NJ State Wrestling Championships, 7th Place
NJ Freestyle AND Greco Roman State Champion
D 1 Wrestler

It Was Almost Scary To See How Quickly Gains Were Being Made In Their Strength, Power and Endurance

Our Football players were breaking long standing records in the weight room and on the playing field. High school athletes were benching over 300, squatting over 400, deadlifting over 500 and power cleaning over 225! And none of them were even 17 years old yet.

I was on my way to achieving what I set out to accomplish, and that was helping athletes avoid my painful mistakes, and it was all worth it: my mistakes and my painful past for their successful future.

Life has it’s reasons and now I know why. I was put on earth to make people STRONG!

Our Football athletes attended Football camps and tore through their opponents like Gladiators. The kids that were running backs were making more interceptions and touchdowns than ever before!

After four years of never winning one Football game, these kids entered a 7 on 7 tournament and started off with four victories in a row!

The Lacrosse players were scoring more than ever and beating their opponents to the ball constantly

Baseball players were hammering balls to the fence and beyond while increasing their base running speed leading to more home runs and RBI’s.

I Knew I Was On To Something When I Witnessed My Athletes Dominating Their Opponents With Ease.

Because of the demand to get into my ‘Underground’ training groups I proposed the idea of running ‘Underground Strength Camps’ for the local high schools. They were concerned with my idea because they wondered where I would train these kids.

The Football team had the run of the weight room when the camp was going to be run and the gymnasiums were being used by the Basketball Coaches.

No Gym, No Equipment, No Problem….

I had sandbags already made up for my own clients, so I brought them with me. I scouted the surrounding area beforehand and found the local playgrounds. We met every day on the Soccer field. We used individual bodyweight movements for the warm up, then our ‘Underground’ partner bodyweight movements on the grass.

If  You Run Boot Camps or Out Door Training Camps These Underground Methods Will Become the Lifeblood of Your Fitness Business

Then we went through a barrage of sandbag training. Our final portion had us traveling to the different surrounding playgrounds. We tore it up with our ‘Underground Playground Assaults’, and probably scared the Mom’s and their kids in the process! We used every piece of that playground and more for performance enhancement.

The athletes loved the camp and couldn’t get enough! This was a good problem to have. The athletes became educated and would go on to train ‘Underground’ with their teammates after camp ended!

The majority of these campers were Football players. Football players are always in the high school weight room. It just seems to be an unsaid rule that the Football team gets the run of the weight room.

Well, after Football season ended I had to start two new training groups because….

They Were Dying to Get Out of the Boring Weight Room and Back Into the World of ‘Underground’ Training!

In a nutshell, here’s what it boils down to:

I just can’t sit here and feel good about the fact that I know there are tons of people out there who are just like me when I first started training myself and when I first started my business.

  • I had no money to start up my training business

  • I had traveled all over the state hoping to find a hard core gym but kept coming up dry

  • I had no facility to train people out of

  • I was bored of doing the same training in the same boring environment

  • I needed to move my body without all the rules and regulations that I would find in the gym

  • I needed something that was exciting and exhilarating

  • I wanted to find a way to open a facility with minimal start up costs and super low overhead

  • I wanted to express myself through my training so I had to be able to train with NO Rules

Do any of the above points sound like you? If you can relate to one of those feeling then I Guarantee you that ‘The Ultimate Underground Training Manual’ is for you!

You will never go back to traditional fitness once you join The Underground movement.

Take a look at what you’re about to discover inside ‘The Ultimate Underground Training Manual’:


Discover over 16 killer variations of the push up to jack up your upper body and develop dominating pushing strength and power


Check this one out! The ultimate sandbag strength endurance workout that will give you lasting strength that never quits.


Using bodyweight and a pair of dumbbells you will develop full body endurance that never quits! Check it out on pg. 26!


Want to know what a “feeder workout” is and how they can boost your strength quickly and easily? Discover this secret on pg. 31!


If you’re short on time and need some fast paced, “Blitz” style workouts, then you’ll have 12 easy to use workouts at your fingertips on pg. 33!


Are you confused about how to effectively design a program that is powerful and delivers serious results? In detail, I outline 6 of my favorite, most effective methods for program design guaranteeing you kick butt results and that you’ll never be bored again!


Discover how to mix up your training loads so you can build strength and power faster than ever before, all in the same workout! Check it out on pg. 42!


I wish I knew about these when I was younger, but now you can benefit from these two methods: On pg. 64, you will discover how you can skyrocket your mental attitude leading to massive gains in success in any sport or endeavor you are involved in! These two methods are simply amazing, you must see them!


Follow this top 10 list of the most effective free weight movements and you will easily and quickly gain strength like never before! You can’t afford to miss this list on pg. 65!


If you are limited on equipment, then you will love my top 6 list of bodyweight movements and you will get stronger and more powerful, guaranteed!


You know that young athletes need to be trained appropriately and know you can discover my most effective methods for developing blazing fast athletes who are always in top shape!


If you are low on time then you will benefit greatly from these 10 – 15 minute full body blast workouts that still give you a great workout while burning fast and building muscle! Check these out on pg. 72!


Discover what the heck “Farm Boy” training is all about on pg. 76 and see how you can develop strength that dominates!


You’ll have my top 14 list of ‘Farm Boy’ training tools that are either free or cheap. Your body will gain strength that borders being scary!


Check out these 4 ‘Farm Boy’ workouts to boost your strength to greater levels!


If you want to train Underground check out this list of 9 ‘Underground’ tools helping you train on a limited budget while giving you BIG results!


Start implementing these combo lifts so you can develop full body conditioning with strength faster than ever before!


You will develop superior conditioning after you start using the complexes on pg. 88 and 89! Being tired will be a thing of the past for you!


Discover how you can use your backyard into an ‘Underground’ training zone to develop awesome full body conditioning.


Unleashed are 9 energy system workouts that will have you in the best shape of your life in no time. Be ready, these are friggin’ tough but you’re still going to love them!


Get an inside look at my personal workouts and see 11 detailed examples of how I train when you read the chapter on “Secret Training Files”


On pg. 101 you’ll have the top 9 tips I use for training my athletes. I want YOU to use these for your own advantage so you can develop yourself or your athletes to even greater levels of performance!


Take an inside look at what REALLY goes on at The Underground with 12 “Secret Training Files” on Law Enforcement Personnel, Football Players and Wrestlers! You will discover exactly what we do to dominate the competition!


In chapter 10 discover bodyweight only workouts for beginner, intermediate and advanced individuals.


What the heck is a couplet workout and why are these do effective? Discover a method passed on to me by one of the world’s best Performance Coaches and how you can improve endurance and conditioning instantly! You’re going to love these couplets!


Check out this full body circuit on pg. 115 that can be done any where and any time, no equipment needed. You will love using this workout when you are short on time!


You will learn the top four tips you must use to effectively design a circuit to get the most bang for your buck! Don’t miss this!


You must be in top shape, so take action and start using these two energy system workouts on pg. 119 ASAP to skyrocket your conditioning like never before!


See the top 7 bodyweight movements for power development that will help you improve your full body explosiveness faster than ever before!


Ever wonder why ‘Farm Boy Training’ is so effective? You must try these 4 Farm Boy Workouts for yourself and discover the awesome power of these workouts.

Even If You are Not a Competitive Athlete, You Will Love the Exciting New Methods You’ll Discover When You get Your Hands On ‘The Ultimate Underground Strength Kit’

At your finger tips, 26 detailed photos of push ups and all their variations with descriptions so you can perform each exercise with perfect form and safety


A secret 14 week blue print of an Underground training program, Guaranteed to help you develop a rugged body packed with freakish strength faster than ever before!


8 variations of pull ups and chin ups to build a thick back and unstoppable pulling strength. You must use these variations in your workouts!


13 detailed photos of the various pull ups and chin ups with step by step descriptions on how to perform each movement with perfect form.


5 rare bodyweight movements for your upper body that develop boulder shoulders and powerful looking arms. If you love bodyweight exercises you will love these 5 movements!


6 variations of the bodyweight squat to develop powerful and muscular legs


A Must See! The ultimate bodyweight combo movement to dramatically skyrocket full body conditioning and muscular endurance!


4 leg raise variations that will develop a strong and powerful midsection faster than any other core exercises!


How to incorporate ropes into bodyweight training and playground workouts to develop hands as powerful as vice grips


29 Kettlebell movements to develop full body strength, power and toughness


6 Kettlebell – Rope combo movements to develop thick forearms and a powerful grip

In addition to the Underground Strength Manual, you will also get a Special Bonus: The Underground Strength Freaks Audio Collection ($147 value), a compilation of no holds barred audio interrogations so you can listen to them on your computer or even download them onto your I Pod!

Here’s what you’ll find inside The Underground Strength Freaks Collection:

Audio Interrogation with Jim “Smitty” Smith of The Diesel Crew ($47 value): You’re about to experience 54 minutes of Smitty unleashing his high powered training info and how you can use the Diesel method to dramatically increase your grip strength, full body power and mental toughness.


Audio Interrogation with Elliot Hulse ($ 47 value): Elliot reveals his vast array of in the trenches knowledge, taking you through his evolution in strength training, to his days of dominating the Gridiron to his times of being overly scientific and finally learning about Underground Strength training and how he trains athletes to develop freak strength. Elliot tells all and pulls no punches in this 41 minute audio interrogation not to be missed.


Audio Interrogation with Professional Powerlifter, Matt “The Beast” Kroczaleski ($ 47 Value): One of the strongest powerlifters in the world gives you an inside look at his RAW, no excuses style of training for brute strength, even while working 70 – 80 hrs every week and without training partners. This is a NO excuses kinda interrogation and it will fire you up BIG time!

Here’s What I Want You to Do Next…..

I want you to make a powerful decision right now. Either you’re ready to start packing on rugged muscle and develop brute strength like never before or you simply feel no pain whatsoever in wasting your hard earned time and money on ineffective, typical gym workouts.

If you’re ready to pack on rugged muscle and develop brute strength unlike ever before, faster than ever before, then join me and let me take you on the heart thumping journey of Underground Strength Training!

If you’re a fitness professional reading this, you’re about to get the blue print on exactly how I train athletes and get such powerful results and how you can do the same, without wasting money on expensive equipment or even using a gym!


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